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Add: No.11 Plant, Wuqiao Industrial 
Zone, Qiangdeng Town, Kunshan City, 
Jiangsu Province, China

Tel:  0086-512-50336275
Email: [email protected]


  • Jan
    [Company News] Holiday Notice!

    Looking  back  past,  there  are  fruitful,  we  ebullient;  Grasping  the  present,  we  are  full  of  confidence,  we  are  passionate;  Looking  to  the  future,  we  are  vibrant,  we  are  highly  motivated.  Farewell  to  the  unforgettable  2018,  usher  in  a  new  2019.  The  company’s  2018  End-of-Day  celebration  was  successfully

  • Jul
    [Company News] Selection of Adhesive Tape Substrate

    Selection  of  Adhesive  Tape  SubstrateSelection  of  adhesive  tape  substrateLabel:  adhesive  tape  base  material  adhesive  tape  belongs  to  special  topic:  die  cutting  material  special  topicPolyvinyl  chloride  (  PVC  )Advantages:  good  flexibility,  acid  resistance,  multiple  colorsDisadvantages:  it  shrinks  after

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